GSMKY 002: I’ve Heard They Have a Good High School Coach

Welcome to another of Game Set Match Kentucky! – The Central Kentucky Tennis Series Podcast.  Today Chris Godby (Chairman of the CKTS) and Chad Young (Director of both CKTS Bowling Green Tournaments) dive into discussion of recent tennis action in the CKTS and around Kentucky.

Topics and News:

  • Chad discusses the challenges of running two tournaments and why Directors tend not to play in their own tournaments.
  • We share our excitement of the US Open and make our predictions for the Men’s and Women’s Singles Champions.
  • We run-down the results of the Miller Park Tennis Classic 2018 in Campbellsville, KY.
  • We go through the current CKTS Point Standings for each division.
  • We mention upcoming dates on the CKTS as well as with other tennis events of interest around Kentucky.

Challenge the Call (FAQs):

  • Chad and Chris explain how pairings are made in our tournaments, and whether there is actual “seeding.”
  • Ask a Challenge the Call question:

Hosts:  Chris Godby and Chad Young

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