Welcome to another episode of Game Set Match Kentucky! – The Central Kentucky Tennis Series Podcast.  On this 14th episode of GSMKY Chris Godby (Chairman of the CKTS), Susan Hadley (CKTS Board Member), and special guest Meredith King (LCTA Community Tennis Representative) preview the Alton Blakley Lake Cumberland Open.  Chris and Susan also run-down the latest Point Standings through the Miller Park Tennis Classic, discuss announcements, answer a Challenge the Call, and talk about our upcoming giveaway!

Topics and News:

  • We preview the Alton Blakley Lake Cumberland Open with special guest Meredith King from the Lake Cumberland Tennis Association.
  • We run-down the latest CKTS Point Standings through the Miller Park Tennis Classic.
  • We look at various upcoming deadlines, and announcements of area tennis events.
  • We remind our listeners about this weekend’s GSMKY giveaway!

Challenge the Call (FAQs):

  • I’ve had two different opponents lately seem to reach over the plane of the net to put away a volley.  What’s the rule on this and what can I do if I see it happen?.
  • Ask a Challenge the Call question:  challenge@gamesetmatchky.com

Hosts:  Chris Godby and Susan Hadley, with guest Meredith King

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