GSMKY 007: You Get What You Pay For

Welcome to another episode of Game Set Match Kentucky! – The Central Kentucky Tennis Series Podcast.  Today Chris Godby (Chairman of the CKTS) and Chad Young (Director of our Bowling Green tournaments) announce the final 2018 CKTS Point Standings, list some upcoming tennis events in other parts of the state, and name who’s listening in other states!

Topics and News:

  • We announce the division champions and runners-up of the 2018 CKTS Season Point Standings.
  • We mention upcoming dates for some tennis events of interest around Kentucky.
  • We look at some podcast statistics for listeners far and wide.

Challenge the Call (FAQs):

  • How to players get moved up (“promoted”) at the end of the CKTS season?
  • Ask a Challenge the Call question:

Hosts:  Chris Godby and Chad Young

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